Landscape Refund

How does it work?

If you purchased your lot from a builder, the builder holds your landscaping deposit. You must contact your builder to arrange a final inspection. Once your final inspection is complete and approved, your deposit will be refunded. You must ensure your landscaping complies with the architectural guidelines outlined for Robinson.

What’s my deposit?

If you purchased a lot directly from Beaverbrook, Beaverbrook holds your deposit. Your deposit is comprised of two parts:

  1. A portion is held for damages (security).
  2. A portion is held for complying with the landscaping and architectural guidelines in your area.

These amounts are pre-determined in your lot purchase agreement and terms. Once the landscaping is complete in accordance to the architectural guidelines, you will need to arrange a final inspection. You will arrange this through your architectural applicator; their contact information can be found inside the directory of the architectural guidelines. A copy of the approved inspection report must be emailed or faxed to Beaverbrook at 780.484.5397 or [email protected]. The landscaping portion of your deposit will be refunded if both items are in compliance.

What’s the time frame?

All refunds are processed once per month, mid-month. The security portion of your deposit is held until that particular stage of development is inspected for infrastructure damages. This process will take a minimum of two years from the original road construction and can take as long as 4 years to get the Final Acceptance Certificate. Builder damages are those that occurred to infrastructure after the lot was purchased, including, but not limited to:

  1. Cracked sidewalk panels.
  2. Chipped our gouged curb or sidewalk.
  3. Water CC bent cracked or buried.

Anything else I need to know?

It is the responsibility of the builder and/or homeowner to ensure that the lot is free of infrastructure damages at the time of lot purchase. Any damage that occurred after the lot is purchased is the responsibility of the builder/homeowner. This is outlined in the standard terms and conditions, outlined in the lot purchase agreement. Once the final FAC report is processed, any security cost is then deducted from your deposit, and the balance will be refunded. If there are no builder damages for your lot, the entire security deposit will be refunded.